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Dear Travelers,

Thanks for browsing! DiscoverSichuan.com is a great initiative by Inbound Tourism Department of Jinxi Branch with China International Travel Service (Sichuan). The founder and his team have been in China inbound tourism for 8 years, particularly focusing on western part of China, such as Tibet, Qinghai, Yunnan and Sichuan. While business grows bigger and competition becomes more intense, we learn at the same time that products and service localization in a professional way becomes more and more significant. So, we pay more and more attention to our homeland of Sichuan, hoping to make a difference, and that's how the DiscoverSichuan.com was born.

The founders (two sides) with His Grace the 15th Duke of Bedford -Andrew Russell (middle)

Localization is not simply travelling with a local tour guide who knows his/her hometown better, yet more concerning an authentic, in-depth and characteristic experience in also lodging, catering, interchanging, entertaining and even shopping developed by the local tour operators. So, in the spirit of “Discover Sichuan, not only Panda or Buddha”, we started to work on DiscoverSichuan.com in 2014, intending to present travelers who interested in our homeland a panoramic and authentic Sichuan that is not only panda or (Leshan Giant)Buddha which have been prevailing for decades of years.

The founder with our clients drinking tea in a traditional Sichuan teahouse 

The whole team consists of a group of native Sichuan people who know and love their homeland more than any other tour operator out of Sichuan, and our team is surely among the most professional Sichuan tour operators in Sichuan as well. It's the love to both our homeland and our profession that brings the team together and brought up the DiscoverSichuan.com. We believe Sichuan boasts not only panda or Buddha, but also many other unique and awesome natural and cultural wonders in China and in the world at large. For example, the Sanxingdui Ruins still remains an unsolved mystery and hailed as an alien civilization by international experts; UNESCO world heritage site of Dujiangyan Irrigation Project still benefiting people today, makes it an over 2300 years old living engineering miracle; Dege Sutra Printing House, entitled as "the Encyclopedia of Tibetan Culture", owning over 70% of all cultural books in Tibet and more than 300,000 engraved plates, still maintains the tradition to print everything all by hand; Litang Horse Racing Festival boasts the largest and most brilliant one across the whole Tibetan area; the tea, honored by some people as the 5th great invention of China, was firstly domesticated and planted nowhere but on the Mt. Mengding which is now regarded as the cradle of world tea culture. There are of course many other interesting places and events in Sichuan that our team couldn't wait to share with you.

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To conclude, though DiscoverSichuan is not an old-line company, yet we are also very experienced in tourism, more importantly, we are much more passionate, open, creative and far-sighted in this market that inherits and maintains the same tune for decades. Choose to discover Sichuan, step on a destination full of pleasant surprise. Choose DiscoverSichuan team, and then enjoy your best holiday experience in China. Our team looks forward to meeting you in our beautiful homeland.

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