Beijing &  Xi'an

Beijing & Xi'an

How would you like to see two of the oldest cities in the world? If you join us on one of our Beijing and Xi’an tours, you can do exactly that. Both of these cities hum with life, providing visitors with vivid memories that they can carry forever.

When exploring either Beijing or Xi’an, visitors often feel like they’re in two eras at the same time. Both of these cities have eye-catching contemporary buildings and cityscapes. However, that contemporary architecture stands right alongside traditional imperial buildings. In both cities, you’ll see imperial-style pagodas, tombs, temples, and palaces. You’ll also notice important historical sites. From Beijing, for example, you can see a portion of the Great Wall. Xi’an marks the starting point of the Silk Road which brought lots of oriental wisdom to the west in the past. In Xi’an, you can also visit the very famous Terracotta Warriors Army. All those are nothing but history and pride of one great nation in this world. These two places, especially Beijing, have a major impact on the global economy presently. Businesses and industries thrive. These areas bring many tech innovations to the rest of the world. A lot of this business skill comes directly from these cities top-tier universities. These hubs of education provide the perfect places for breakthrough research. While visiting Beijing and Xi’an, make sure that you experience the performing arts that flourish there. Many people from Beijing and Xi’an take their art just as seriously as they take their business, and it shows. You’ll see and hear unparallelled skill when you take in the cinema and opera there.  

If you want to gain a full appreciation of Chinese history and culture, then you absolutely must visit Beijing and Xi’an in person. Are you ready now ? If so,  book your Beijing and Xi’an tour with us today.