Festival Tours

Festival Tours

Sichuan Festival ToursHistoric and abundant Sichuan is also a harmonious land with plenty of ethnic minorities living; it boasts China’ only habitat for the Qiang People in northern Sichuan, as well as the largest habitat for the Yi People in Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture plus the second largest habitat for the Tibetan People in Garze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture. Rich and characteristic ethnic minority cultures brought up a diversified Sichuan with many interesting and fascinating folk festivals which comprehensively showcases Sichuan people’s wisdom on life, religion, diet, costume and etc.

There are lots of authentic festivals and ceremonies all year around, no matter in the hot summer or freezing winter, you can find a festival to experience. What we recommend you are not some sponsored commercial festivals popularized in recent years but some authentic folk festivals that have been in history for at least hundreds of years. Learn more about various colorful festivals of different ethnic groups below.

Han People. It is the biggest ethnic group in China, so is in Sichuan. Besides the normal festivals such as Spring Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival and so on, there are also some unique festival and special customs. Such as the Spring Festival in Langzhong Ancient Town, which is the birth-place of Spring Festival. People would like to come here to touch the most traditional customs of Spring Festival; Qijiang Town God Temple Fair, which can be dated back to Sui Dynasty, with lots of traditional performances put on.

Tibetan People. Sichuan has the second largest Tibetan inhabited area in China. Besides major Tibet Buddhism sects, there are also some unique sects only exist in Sichuan. Isolated by mountains and gorges for centuries, their customs and traditions are well-preserved until today. Most of the festivals are related to religion, such as Siguniangshan Mountain Worship Festival, Buddha Exhibition Festival at Langmusi, Mountain Worship Festival in Kangding and so on; there are also some local events that celebrated by local people such as Litang Horse-Riding Festival.

Yi Ethnic. Sichuan has the biggest Yi ethnic inhabited area in China - Yi Autonomous Prefecture of Liangshan. There are lots of festivals in Yi Ethnic and the Torch Festival is definitely one of the grandest festivals, which is to expel evil spirit and worship the harvest. Besides the Torch Festival, Yi people also celebrate Yi New Year, Singing Faire, Wuba Festival and some other their unique festivals.

Qiang Ethnic. As one of the oldest ethnics in China, Qiang ethnic made a great contribution to China’s culture. Sichuan has the only Qing Ethnic inhabited area, and their culture is well-preserved until today, so are their festivals. Qiang’s New Year is definitely the grandest festival among all their festival. Held in October of the lunar calendar each year, all the people will come back home to unit with their family. Big ceremonial will be held, with the traditional events observed.