How to pay

DiscoverSichuan accepts wire transfer, Western Union, Paypal and credit card via Paypal payments. Refer to details below.

1). Wire Transfer

It's very easy and safe to pay us by the wire transfer to our account. Either go to your bank to have the transfer, or use internet banking to transfer through your bank's official web sites. Below is the information for Wire Transfer:

• Bank Name: Bank of China, Sichuan Branch
• Bank Address: No. 35 Section 2 Renmin Zhonglu Chengdu Sichuan China
• Bank Account Number:  XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
• Bank Swift Code: BKCHCNBJ570
• Beneficiary's Name: LENG JIAN QIANG

After money transfer, please email us the bank receipt. Please write your tour advisor's name on the postscript as well after the transfer. Please note that this way is not feasible if your departure date of the tour is within 15 days as it may take us 5 days to 14 days to get the international wire transferred payment.
2). Western Union

Western Union is the fastest way to pay. We can get your money in a few minutes after you send the money, and most importantly, it charges the least on the transferring service fee on you compared with other payment methods. So it is an ideal way to pay. You can choose Western Union Transfer if there is one Western Union Service in the area where you live or go to to make an online transferring. Below is the information for Western Union Transfer:

• Receiver's First Name: JIAN QIANG
• Receiver's Last Name: LENG
• Country: CHINA

1. After you send the money, please e-mail us the MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number) & remitter’s (the person who is dealing the remitting procedure practically) first name, last name, middle name (if ever), country of remitting separately, without any of those information, we are unable to withdraw the money.

2. You will be responsible for all Western Union service fees. Therefore, please confirm the total payment amount with the local Western Union before you transfer the money.

3. Online service fee charged by Western Union as below for reference only.

Cash pick up in minutes at a location by Online Transferring
Send Amount Service Fee
Up to $50 $5
$50.01 to $250 $10
$250.01 to $5,000 $15

The above service fee is based on online transferring procedure and listed for your reference only and may be changed according to practical situation. It will be different by countries, methods (online, in person, and phone), and sending time (in minutes and in day)

3-1). PayPal

We accept Paypal for payment, the safe and convenient payment method that millions of online buyers and sellers prefer for online business. DiscoverSichuan accepts this tool of payment to give our customers more flexibility, security and guaranteed mutual benefits. Note: as PayPal charges 4.5% as a service fee for receiving money, so there’s an extra 4.5% bank charge added on top of the deposit amount. Our Paypal account is:  

3-2). Credit Card via PayPal

We accept payment by credit cards through PayPal online; you can pay us at PayPal's official website ( without exposing your credit card or bank account number. PayPal accepts all the major credit card and debit card such as Visa, Master, AE, etc.

There are four steps to complete the credit card payment:
Step 1: Click the payment link provided by your travel advisor via email for you to reach PayPal’s secure online payment website.
Step 2: Click "continue check out" then reach credit card information website.
Step 3: Filling in your credit card information and create a new PayPal account quickly and easily.
Step 4: Continue and complete the payment.

Note: as PayPal charges 4.5% as a service fee for receiving money, so there’s an extra 4.5% bank charge added on top of the deposit amount.

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