Panda Volunteer Program

Panda Volunteer Program


The roly-poly giant panda is, without any doubt, the most popular animal in the world, wherever it moves, it stands in the spotlight and arouses a “panda fever”. While people out of China still complain the scarcity of tickets to watch a panda distantly in zoos, the panda bases in Sichuan now have developed the Panda Keeper Volunteer Program, creating an opportunity for those who love animals, particularly giant pandas, to get up close to this lovely creature, face to face. The volunteers are not only able to get into the closures of pandas but also allowed to feed the pandas personally. It’s definitely a life-time experience no matter where you are from and how old you are, because this is exactly everybody else dreams to do.

At present, Panda Volunteer Program is only available at Dujiangyan Panda Base and Wolong Shenshuping Panda Base, bear in mind that the places for the volunteers are limited each day, book early (two weeks ahead is advised) to ensure there is a place for you.

Program Objective:

To establish a platform for panda lovers to learn about and look after giant pandas; to publicize wild fauna and flora science focusing on the giant pandas, strengthen human’s awareness to love nature and protect animals.  

Program Activities: 

Cleaning the enclosure and houses for the giant pandas; learning and observing giant panda living habits with a professional base guide; watching a documentary film on the giant panda; preparing and making food for pandas; feeding giant panda closely


12 to 65 years old, those are less than 18 need be supervised by guardian.

Brief Itinerary:

Time Activities
08:30-09:00 Arrival upon the base & Registration & Get outfits
09:00-10:00 Cleaning wall, fence, glass and cage of panda enclosures 
10:00-11:00 Observing pandas with professional guide in the base
11:10-11:30 Feeding pandas
11:30-12:30 Lunch time
12:30-13:00 Free time & Rest
13:10-14:00 Watching a documentary film about pandas
14:00-15:00 Working and feeding again
15:00-15:20 Making cakes for pandas with a professional guide in the base
15:30 Program finishes and obtain certificate and souvenirs 

How to Apply:

Step 1: Inquiry us via our website Inquiry Form or contact us via our email of to tell us your situation and thoughts.

Step 2: We will reply you within 24 hours to tell you whether the program is available on the date you choose. Normally, there is a place if you book 2 weeks ahead.

Step 3: We will send you a Program Application Form as well as an Applicant Health Form to fill. That is to say, you have to go to a (your home-country or Chinese) hospital to do a physical examination to prove you are healthy to take part in this volunteer program. You could use the standard Health Form from us or use a health form from your local hospital as long as there is signature and seal from your doctor and hospital.

Download and check the Program Application Form & Applicant Health Form below


pdf icon pdf icon
Program Application Form Applicant Health Form

Step 4: Booking confirmation. If your physical allows you to take part in this program, you have to firstly pay us the full price of this program and then we will send you a confirmation letter on this program.

Step 5: Reach the panda base with our driver and check in upon the booking confirmation letter we sent you. And then start enjoying the panda keeper volunteer program.

Price & Clarification:

Price Per Person in US dollars of this volunteer program at the two different panda bases

Group Size Dujiangyan Panda Base Wolong Shengshuping Panda Base
1 person $450 $465
2 people $350 $360
3 people $285 $295
4 people $265 $275
5+ people $225 $235
1. Round trip transportation to reach & leave the panda base, from Chengdu
2 .Program experience fee including lunch & souvenirs
3. Entrance fee to the panda base
4. All administration & Travel agency’s service fee
5. Private tour guide from Chengdu
1. Accommodation
2. Breakfast & Dinner



1. You can reach and leave the panda base in Dujiangyan or Wolong by public transport if you wish, we can deduct the transport fee from the entire tour fee. But this is not advised as each of the panda base is far from Chengdu while the program starts early in the morning.  

2. If you want to take pictures with a panda in your arms, you have to donate RMB 1800 to the panda base, and you must tell this to your travel agency beforehand to let them to make reservation for you; you cannot hug a panda without reservation.  

Friendly Notifications:

  1. Panda husbandry learners must wear the required uniform and must follow their supervisor instructions while working. Panda husbandry learners should not operate on their own.
  2. Giant pandas are carnivores, so they can be violent and attack humans, Panda husbandry learners cannot commit any activities within 1 meter of the fences in the panda impounds or open any gates and doors within the impounds without supervisor.
  3. All teachers at the Panda Base have already developed trusting relationships with the giant pandas throughout extensive care and contact. Giant pandas are very nervous toward strangers. Panda husbandry learners must not try to feed them if the teachers are not present or try to cantact the pandas in any siuations. Panda husbandry learners can, however, observe the teachers interaction with the pandas.
  4. Panda husbandry learners are not allowed to clean the enclosures for the panda mothers and balies but are allowed to help the supervisors with providing the bamboo for the pandas.
  5. Without the prior permission of the assigned set-point staff, panda husbandry learner cannot take photos, receive the interview of medias from home and abroad; cannot release the content of damaging the image nor breaking the confidential provision of research center.
  6. Panda husbandry learners can prepare various food and fruits for the pandas under the supervisions of the teachers only after proper sterilization.
  7. Panda husbandry learners cannot smoke cigarttes in the public areas during working hours.
  8. Panda husbandry learners must wear the provided glovers when handling the bamboo in order to prevent any injuries. Panda husbandry learners should be careful of any parts of enclosure covered with any water, snow and ice. Or moss when working to prevent falling and injuring themselves.
  9. Panda husbandry learners cannot abandon their assigned work without first notifying their teachers. The panda husbandry learners must also notify their teachers if they do not feel well or if they wish to rest or leave.
  10. Because Dujiangyan is covered by the thunderstorm belt, in the thunderstorm days, please do not use the mobile phone, and do not stay next to the tree.
  11. There will be some snakes in the underbrush, so please do not cross it.
  12. When you are walking on the road in the garden, be careful not to fall.
  13. The panda husbandry learner is only allowed to walk around at designated workplace or public viewing area. And shall not be allowed to enter the non-visiting area. During the work, panda husbandry learner must strictly observe the rules and regulations according to this agreement.
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