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Sichuan+ China Tours

Though Sichuan is located at the hinterland of China, it boasts the most abundant natural, cultural and human resources compared with other provinces in the whole western part of China.

Abundant resources bring Sichuan a large number of world-class tourist sites and world-renowned enterprises, which,in return, makes Chengdu (capital city of Sichuan) the largest, and also the most convenient & developed hub city for tourists to travel in western China. By 2018, there has been over 100 international direct flights to Chengdu from international metropolis like Amsterdam, Frankfort, London, Paris, Los Angles, San Francisco and so on. Increasing number of overseas tourists are attracted to Chengdu not only by Sichuan’s own fame but also by the convenience to access other China’s world-class tourist sites just neighboring Sichuan. From Chengdu, now it only takes 4 hours by high-speed rail to reach the ancient city of Xi’an which is famous for the Terra-Cotta Warriors and the Silk Road journey; also by the high speed rail from Chengdu, only 2 hours can tourists reach Chongqing, the dock to start the Yangtse River Cruise; and by the same railway, tourists can reach Guiyang and Kunming around 5 hours and explore their unique and characteristic ethnic minority cultures. Most importantly, Chengdu now is still the most popular hub city for tourists to travel into Tibet, because it boasts the largest number of flights per day to Lhasa that only takes 2 hours, plus there is also Chengdu-Lhasa train as well as Sichuan-Tibet Highway. In all, once you travel to Sichuan, besides visiting the scenic spots within its own border, it’s also very easy and convenient for you to connect other classic China tours from here. Check out and learn more about our Sichuan plus China Tours and contact us to get started.

The Silk Road boasts the oldest cross-culture belt in China for more than 2000 years, the journey itself is a gripping adventure blending unique & brilliant ancient civilizations of different peoples. Now, this ancient mysterious road is only 4 hours away by high speed rail from Chengdu.

With a length over 6000 kms, Yangtse River provides so much natural beauty that some travelers feel as if they’re drifting through a painting. In our tours, we cruise the highlights of the Three Gorges and visit the largest dam in the world. Now, China’s most amazing waters-cape is only 2 hours away by high speed rail from Chengdu.

Yunnan, Guizhou and Sichuan, without any doubt, boast the most abundant flora and fauna with the most distinctive ethnic groups cultures in the world. The mountains and villages have witnessed many historic explorers, yet now they are only hours away by high speed rail from Chengdu.

Beijing and Xi’an, two of them served as the capital city of China for over 1500 years, are two places that any tourist to China cannot jump over. Because there, tourists can meet up with the roots of the Chinese culture. Now, from Chengdu it only takes 4 hours to Xi’an, and another just 4 hours to Beijing from Xi’an.