Sichuan Opera

Sichuan Guide

Sichuan province is located at the southwestern part of China, the fertile land, rich natural resources, time-honored history and rich ethnic minority cultures form up various natural and cultural tourism resources. In China, Sichuan  boasts the largest number of world natural heritages compared with other provinces, and also it is the hometown of the giant pandas as well as the birthplace of world tea culture. Meanwhile, the outstanding environment also brings Sichuan food up, so Sichuan cuisine now is one of the most popular cuisines in China. The hardworking, brave and smart Sichuan  people built their home a land of abundance, and at the same time, they also know very well how to enjoy the life, local Sichuan people spend the most of their spare time playing mahjong and staying at a teahouse. Besides some background knowledge of Sichuan culture and history, our Sichuan travel guide also tells you where to see the best sceneries, where to eat the best Sichuan food and where to enjoy the best leisure.