Sichuan Cities

Complex topography, favorable climate, time-honored history and various ethnic groups brought up rich and colorful urban cultures to cities in Sichuan. In the over 2000 years old Chinese urban history, the city of Chengdu (literally means becoming a capital city) has been the only city that never changed its name ever since it was established, so Chengdu has been staying as a capital city for more than 2000 years; the city of Dujiangyan gained its name from the great engineering wonder of Dujiangyan Irrigation Project that has been still profiting generations of Chinese, the project made Sichuan a Land of Abundance that protects China thousands of years. The neighboring Mianyang City and Deyang City are the most prosperous cities after Chengdu, it boasts the unsolved mystery of Sanxingdui Ruins and Three Kingdom Culture in ancient times, and also famous for known as the Hi-Tec cities nowadays. The city of Ya’an, as the hometown of Giant Pandas, becomes more and more known as the starting point of Sichuan-Tibet Ancient Tea-Horse Road as Ya’an produces the largest quantity of tea in Sichuan. The cities of Kangding, Ma’erkang and Xichang are of unique ethnic minority features as they are the capital cities of those Tibetan, Qiang and Yi people inhabited prefectures.

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