Sichuan Foods

Sichuan Province has been called Shu Region ever since ancient times, while Chengdu has gained its fame as “the Land of Abundance", as it is located in the basin, and boasts the water irrigation from Dujiangyan, fertile land, and rich products. And due to the difficulty to access Sichuan during the past dynasties, it has been affected little by conflicts and wars, so that the people of Sichuan have developed a unique food culture in the long process of history. No matter in the capital city of Chengdu or elsewhere in Sichuan, the people is good at discovering and enjoying good food. In Sichuan, there are not only dazzling local cuisines such as Sichuan Cuisine, hotpot and barbecue, but also food from all over the country or even all over the world, such as French cuisine, Korean barbecue, Japanese cuisine, Thai seafood, Turkey meal and so on.

Sichuan Cuisine: Sichuan Cuisine, as a culinary art, is one of the most unique cultural elements in Sichuan. Among China's eight regional cuisines, Sichuan Cuisine is one of the most popular cuisines, with its spicy taste and style of cooking methods attracting countless fans all over the world. At the very beginning, chili peppers and Sichuan peppercorns are used in great quantities in Sichuan Cuisine. Part of the reasons is to help the Sichuan locals to strike a perennial balance in Sichuan Basin under the humid climate and to avoid physical discomfort, as well as to resist the cold in the winter. In 2010, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) officially approved Chengdu to join the organization’s network of creative cities, and awarded Chengdu the honor of "City of Gastronomy”. The basic taste of Sichuan dishes is hot and spicy, and salty, sweet, sour and spicy tastes are often mixed in the same dish, to make the main flavor more prominent, and the levels of tastes more distinct. More famous Sichuan Cuisines are Pork Lungs in Chili Sauce, Kung Pao Chicken, Shredded Pork with Garlic Sauce, Boiled Fish, Mapo Doufu, Sichuan Style Stew Pork and all kinds of other dry pots, etc. It is recommended in Chengdu to try Sichuan Cuisine in Shunxing Teahouse, Hongxing Restaurant, Baguobuyi, Zhuanzhuanhui, Xiao’ronghe, Chen’s Mapo Toufo and so on. In Pi County, 30 km away from Chengdu, there is a museum of Sichuan Cuisine, telling the origin history of the Sichuan food, as well as its raw materials and processing, where tourists can even follow the cook to do a few authentic Sichuan dishes.

Hot Pot: Sichuan Hot Pot is famous for its spicy, fresh and fragrant flavors, the ingredients of which are widely and particularly selected. Besides its fresh fragrance, for Sichuan People who have been living in the Sichuan Basin with damp climate, eat hotpot is also very beneficial to the body. And hotpot has also become synonymous with Sichuan Cuisine. So in Sichuan Province, as long as there are restaurants, there will be a hotpot restaurant. In Chengdu, Laomatou, Huangchenglaoma, Shujiuxiang, Xiaolongkan, Malakongjian, Chuanxibazi and other traditional hot pot restaurants are worth a try. Apart from this, the new hot pots, such as Tibetan tea vegetarian hot pot, Thai hot pot, seafood hot pot, medicinal food hot pot, porridge bottom hot pot and Doulao hot pot etc. are for those who are interested.

Skewers: bamboo skewer sticks a variety of vegetables and meat, and are then put into hot spots with ingredients to cook: this Sichuan snack is also known as "Small Hot Pot" or "Malatang". As the name implies, Skewers are mainly spicy soup, with hot and spicy as its main flavor, and can be divided into cold sticks and hot sticks. Hot sticks are like hot pot, where sticks of all kinds are put into hot pots, rinsing while eating; cold sticks are refers to cooking method, in which the restaurant keepers cook the sticks picked by guests in large pots, and then fish them out into a soup bowl filled with seasoning, before bringing to your table for direct eating. Recommendation for Chengdu Skewers: Kang Erjie Skewers, Yulin Skewers, the Yuan’s Skewers and so on.

Barbecue: Sichuan barbecue has given priority to spicy. Those who don't eat spicy can choose cumin taste. The barbecue is often done with carbon fire, electric oven and ways of frying. In addition, the Xichang Brazier Grill is cooked with all guests sitting around, and the burning coals for barbed wire fire; in Shimian County, coals are put under iron board, and foods are baked with the heat of the iron board, which is quite unique; in Chengdu there are special grilled fish shops, roast rabbit stores, bake complete sheep shops, Korean barbecue shops, which also reflect the Sichuan people's love of barbecue. In Chengdu, we recommend Master He’s Barbecue Grill, Grilled Fish, Uncle Wang Barbecue and so on.

Snacks: Sichuan snacks are like Sichuan cuisine, which sort is various. They boast not only various flavors with sweet, sour, spicy and salty incense, but also know how to use a variety of raw materials carefully for each secret recipe of stewing soup. Traditional snacks in Chengdu include Baked Eggs Cake, Dan Dan Noodles, Dumplings, Rice Dumplings, Longchaoshou (Sichuan style wonton soup); in Luodai we have Shangxin Bean Jelly; in Leshan Shredded Chicken, Sweet Duck Skin, Qiaojiao Beef; in Pengzhou Juntun Guokui (crusty pancake), etc. Chengdu has several shops covers a variety of snack foods, such as Longchaoshou on Chuixi Road, Zhong Dumpling on Jianshe Road, snack bars on Jingli Road, etc. Tang Song Cuisine Street on Zongfu Road owns quite a few snack bars, and it has a fixed time of Sichuan traditional program performance. In addition, some emerging snacks, especially popular in night snack time, such as Spicy Small Lobster, seafood restaurants, Laoma Pork Leg, Maocai (single-person hot pot), etc., which also adds a lot of popularity to the city of Chengdu.

Bread & Dessert: in every city of Sichuan Province, there are many chain and independent brands of bread dessert shops. HuiLauShan, Honeymoon Dessert are dessert shops from coastal regions, representing a strong market share in Chengdu; Holiland, Bon Martin Paris, 85 Degree C, Bread Talk and other new mass-market brands have also become increasingly familiar among Sichuan People.

Other delicacies: in the provincial capital Chengdu, you can enjoy foods from all over the country, among which there are Cantonese cuisine, such as Li Xuan Chinese Restaurant, Kowloon Tea Restaurant; Shandong cuisine such as Shandong Hometown; Zhejiang cuisine such as Green Tea; Hunan cuisine such as 57 Degrees; In addition, there are ethnic minorities specialty restaurants, such as halal restaurants Benben Cattle Halal Hot Pot, authentic noodles of Lanzhou; Xinjiang cuisine Spice Bazaar, Spice Bazaar Xinjiang Restaurant, Kaibangbalang Xinjiang Flavor Restaurant; Tibetan cuisine such as Are Tibetan Meal; Ethnic Yi cuisine such as Asi Niuniu Liangshan Cuisine, authentic Xichang Master Liao’s Brazier Grill, etc.

Foods from around the world:

①Western foods & Korean barbecue: in downtown Chengdu and nearby urban areas, or some larger lower-tier cities, you can still enjoy authentic western foods and Korean barbecue. In Chengdu we recommend Capricciosa Italian Cuisine, Desibao German Meal, Jinjiang Hotel Jinyue French Restaurant, Marbella Manding, Sutan Turkish Dinner Bar, Hannanshan, etc.

②Southeast Asian cuisine and Japanese cuisine: affected by economic factors and customer tastes, Southeast Asian cuisine and Japanese cuisine are general concentrated in Chengdu, among which the majority is Japanese, Thai and Indian food. Recommended restaurants are Leimen Pulled Noodles, Sakura Cuisine, Indian Caicai, Elephant Garden Thai Seafood Cuisine, Qingyue Vietnamese Cuisine, Little Nonya Private Cuisine, Lanyue Southeast Asian Cuisine, etc.

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