Sichuan Theme Tours

Sichuan, known as the land of abundance in China, without any doubt, boasts the most abundant tourism resources in China. No matter what kind of China tour experience you expect, you can find here in Sichuan. Most rare flora and fauna, mysterious ancient civilization, unique ethnic minority culture, famed Sichuan cuisine flavor, picturesque and breathtaking landscapes, Three Kingdoms, Tea-Horse Road, Red Army Long March and etc, all those make categorizing Sichuan tours by themes possible.

Choose from our several prepared themed Sichuan tours and book the one interests you most!

Sichuan Cuisine is famous home and abroad, and there is even a saying that "cuisine in China and flavor in Sichuan". In 2010, Chengdu was approved by the UNESCO as "the City of Gastronomy", which makes Chengdu the first gastronomy city in Asia. Choose our foodie tours below to find the most delicious food in Sichuan.

Besides time-honored history, Sichuan also has many distinctive ethnic minority groups, their rich and characteristic cultures brought up a diversified Sichuan with many interesting and fascinating folk festivals which comprehensively showcases Sichuan people’s wisdom on life, religion, diet, costume and etc.

Lofty snowy peaks, endless plateau, rolling mountains, vast hills and turbulent rivers slope dramatically from west to east, making Sichuan a land of abundance with great variety of picturesque landscapes of rich fauna and flora. All those make Sichuan a heaven for trekkers and hikers.

Buddhism took its root in Sichuan when it was firstly introduced into China around 2000 years ago. Besides some most important and famous Chinese Buddhism sites, there are also Tibetan Buddhism can be tracked in Sichuan. Follow our tailor made itineraries below to realize your pilgrimage trip to most sacred Buddhist sites in Sichuan.