7 Days Classical Mt. Gongga Trekking Tour

Duration: 7 Days Departure: All year around Visite: Chengdu - Gexi Grassland - Shang Riwuqie - Caoke - Shimian - Chengdu Highlights:
As the most classic trekking route in Mt. Gongga, it also called “Rock Route” that American explorer had been. Mt. Gongga(7,556m), also called Minya Gongga, is the highest peak in Sichuan Province, enjoying the reputation of “King of Sichuan Mountains”. In this route, glaciers, grassland, yaks, Tibetan villages and wind-horse flags scattered.
D1: Chengdu - Gexi Grassland
D2: Gexi Grassland - Shang Riwuqie
D3-4: Shang Riwuqie - Gongga Temple
D5-6: Gongga Temple - Caoke
D7: Caoke - Shimian - Chengdu

Day1: Chengdu - Luding - Kangding - Laoyulin - Gexi Grassland

Schedule today: In the morning, you will start your trip from Chengdu. You will pass by Ya’an, which is also called “Rain City”. Then driving through Erlangshan Tunnel, and continue mover westwards along with Dadu River. You will ariive Kangding. Have lunch in Kangding, and then drive to Laoyulin to meet the horsemen and porters. Then transfer to Gexi Grassland (altitude: 3400m).

Day2: Gexi Grassland - Liangcha River - Xia Riwuqie - Shang Riwuqie

Schedule today: After breakfast, start Hiking to Shang Riwuqie. Enjoy the sceneries along the route. About 3 hours later, you will reach Liangcha River (altitude: 3780m). Continue move westwards, and enjoy the sceneries of Tianhaizi Snow Mountain (6070m), Small Gongga(6027m), You will reach Shang Riwuqie.

Gexi Grassland Riwuqie
Gexi Grassland Riwuqie

Day3: Shang Riwuqie - Riwuqie Pass - Moxigou Camping Base

Schedule today: After breakfast, leave Shang Riwuqie, and go to cross Riwuqie Pass (altitude 4888m). Enjoy the stunning sceneries of Small Gongga and Niezi Peak, Riwuqie Glacier and Alpine lakes en route. In the afternoon, you will camp at Moxigou Camping Base.

Riwuqie Pass Moxigou
Riwuqie Pass Moxigou

Day4: Moxigou Camping Base - Gongga Temple

Schedule today: After breakfast, Hike along with Moxigou to Gongga Temple (3750m). Gongga Temple is located at the foot of Gongga Mountain. It is one of the three holy sites of the Karma Kagyu lineage of Tibetan Buddhism. It is also the best place to appreciate the stunning view of the main peak of Mount Gongga.

Gongga Temple Gongga Mountain
Gongga Temple Gongga Mountain

Day5: Gongga Temple - Xia Zimei Village - Zimei Pass - Xia Zimei Village

Schedule today: Enjoy the sunrise of Gongga Mountain. After breakfast, move to Xia Zimei Vallige through virgin forests. When you arrive, take time to visit nearby. In the afternoon, take local car to Zimei Pass to see the sunset over Gongga Mountain. It is the best place to see the view of Gongga Mountain. After visit, go back to Xia Zimei Village.

Zimei Pass Zimei Village
Zimei Pass Zimei Village

Day6: Xia Zimei Vallige - Bawanghai - Caoke

Schedule today: After breakfast, walk through the forests, enjoying the beautiful sceneries along the way. When you reach Bawanghai, stop to enjoy it. Then transfer to the road and take the car to Caoke. Enjoy the hot spring and local delicious food at Caoke.

Bawanghai Bawanghai
Bawanghai Bawanghai

Day7: Caoke - Shimian - Chengdu.

Schedule today: Transfer back to Chengdu by car. Your trip will end up with sweet memories.

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