3 Days Vintage Leshan and Mt. Emei Tour (sunrise & sunset)

Duration: 3 days Departure: All year around Visite: Chengdu--Emeishan--Leshan--Qianwei County--Chengdu Highlights: Jiayang Steam Train, Lesan Giant Buddha, Mt. Emei (sunrise & sunset)
Take the world's only steam train for normal passengers-transfer still operates today to feel the “living fossil of the Industrial Revolution Period". Visit the largest Buddha in the world and view fabulous sunset & sunrise over the clouds-sea of sacred Mt. Emei.
D1: Chengdu--Mt. Emei
D2: Mt. Emei--Leshan
D3: Leshan--Chengdu

Day1: Chengdu - Mt. Emei (200km)

Schedule today: After breakfast, leave hotel in Chengdu at about 8:30AM, drive 200km at about 3 hours southward to reach the entrance of Mt. Emei. Take the 2 hours green-bus along the zigzag road upward to the Leidongping bus terminal. We will firstly have our lunch here at restaurant nearby, and from here, hike 40 minutes on well paved trail across forests to Jieyindian where you can take 5 minutes cable car (2 hours by foot if you prefer hiking more) to the Golden Summit at the altitude of 3079meters. Mt. Emei is one of four sacred Buddhist Mountains in China and the ashram for Samantabhadra Bodhisattva (Puxian Pusa), the foremost disciple of Sakyamuni; on the summit, you can firstly see this 48 meters high imposing golden statue of Samantabhadra Bodhisattva with three bodies, and then visit some temples on summit. In clear sky, you can also view far spreading rolling clouds-sea and some of the highest mountains in Sichuan, like Mt. Gongga or Mt. Wawu in distance. Also, the sunset view is very breathtaking in a clear sky. Tonight, stay overnight at the hotel close to the summit for the sunrise the second day morning.

Jiuzhaigou Valley Mt. Emei (sunset)

Mt. Emei

Mt. Emei (sunset)

Day2: Mt. Emei - Leshan Giant Buddha (110km)

Schedule today: If weather is good, wake up early to watch the fabulous sunrise view on summit. Beneath from the rolling see-clouds, the first golden glimmer would always strike on the imposing statue of Samantabhadra Bodhisattva. And when the sun jumps out at the end of skyline, the Summit turns into a glorious Buddhist kingdom as if all the statues, temples, halls and pilgrims are blessed. Then, check out hotel near the Summit and go back to Emeishan City to have lunch. Afterwards, drive to 71 meters high Leshan Giant Buddha which is the largest stone Buddha in the world caved on cliff about 1300 years ago, you can visit either by foot or boat depends on your own preference. Stay in Leshan City tonight.    

Mt. Emei (sunrise) Lesan Giant Buddha

Mt. Emei (sunrise)

Lesan Giant Buddha

Day3: Leshan - Jiayang Steam Train Station - Chengdu (280km)

Schedule today: After breakfast at hotel in Leshan, drive 70 km to reach Jiayang Steam Train Station in Qianwei County. The hilly 19.8km long railway and the old-fashioned steam train is the world's only steam train for normal passengers-transfer on narrow gauge still operates today, which is reputed as the living fossil of the Industrial Revolution of the 18th century. Get off at Bagou Station to explore the peace and idyllic Bagou Town with well-preserved Soviet Union-style office buildings & British-style lodging houses that of special Chinese characteristic during the Great Culture Revolution period. Afterwards, take train journey from Bagou Station back to departing station and drive back to Chengdu. The quick lunch can be arranged either in Bagou Town or Qianwei County depends on situation.

Jiuzhaigou Valley Jiuzhaigou Valley


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