5 Days Mt. Siguniang Westward Highlights Tour

Duration: 5 days Departure: All year around Visite: Chengdu--Xiaojin County--Danba--Kangding--Chengdu Highlights: Wolong Shenshuping Base, Wolong Nature Reserve, Mt. Siguniang, Zhonglu Tibetan Village, Jiaju Tibetan Village, Suopo Fortification, Huiyuan Monastery, Tagong Grassland, Xinduqiao
Hardly in the world one could find a small area intensively integrating so many natural and cultural hidden gems together, and this only takes 5 days to see all of them.
D1: Chengdu-Siguniangshan
D2: Explore Mt. Siguniang
D3: Siguniang-Danba
D4: Danba - Kangding
D2: Kangding -Chengdu

Day1: Chengdu- Wolong Shenshuping Panda Base-Siguniangshan Town (200km)

Schedule today: Leave hotel in Chengdu at about 7:30 AM, drive about 1.5 hours to reach Wolong Shenshuping Panda Base. This base is also known as China Giant Panda Garden. The base is highly simulated to Giant Panda's habitat hidden deep into mountains. Afterwards, we drive towards Mt. Siguniang (2 hours). On the way, we can see the ruined old panda base. The road snakes across the beautiful Wolong Nature Reserve, passing by rivers and gorges till it reaches the Balang Mountain tunnel. It's one of the highest mountain in Sichuan, and sometimes on the mountain, one can see vast spreading clouds-sea. When descending at Maobilang Pass at another side of mountain, one can get the best panoramic view of Mt. Siguniang. In the afternoon, you can choose to rest in the hotel or visit Shuangqiao Valley briefly (sightseeing bus is available) of Mt. Siguniang. Stay overnight in Siguniangshan Town.

Wolong Shenshuping Panda Base Mt. Siguniang

Wolong Shenshuping Panda Base

Mt. Siguniang

Day2: Explore Mt. Siguniang

Schedule today: Mt. Siguniang consists of 3 big valleys, namely Shuangqiao Valley, Changping Valley and Haizi Valley; as Shuangqiao Valley is possible to visit mostly by sightseeing bus with some good hiking trails, Changping Valley and Haizi Valley are suitable for enthusiastic hikers, both valleys take one full day to explore by foot, horse-riding service (self-paid) is available throughout those two valleys also. Bring yourself with some water and snack on the way because there is no restaurant inside the valleys. If you choose hiking, today must be a tiring day, but the amazing sceneries on the way definitely pay off at end of the day. Most tourists praise that those 3 valleys plus the peaks compose the most beautiful picture s in western Sichuan. Stay overnight in Siguniangshan Town.                          

Haizi Valley Mt. Siguniang

Haizi Valley

Changping Valley

Day3: Siguniang Town-Danba County (115km)

Schedule today: Leave hotel in Siguniang Town at about 8 AM, drive about 2.5 hours westward Danba County, 11km ahead of the county, we will firstly visit the Zhonglu Tibetan Village, “Zhonglu” means “a desirable place for human and gods” in Tibetan. The scenic village integrates canyons, Holy Mountain, temples, watchtowers, unique dwellings and fertile barley fields, constituting a remarkable cultural landscape. After lunch in the county, drive 8km to visit the famous Jiaju Tibetan Village which was awarded as the TOP of the “China's Six Most Beautiful Ancient Villages” by Chinese National Geography. Stay at hotel in Danba County today.

Zhonglu Tibetan Village Jiaju Tibetan Village

Zhonglu Tibetan Village

Jiaju Tibetan Village

Day4: Danba County-Kangding City (225km)

Schedule today: Leave hotel in Danba around 8:30 AM, drive southwest towards Kangding City, on the way we can also see famous Yala Holy Mountain from its west face. Today's first site to visit is Huiyuan Monastery that was built in 1728 by the Emperor Yongzheng of Qing Dynasty, the aim was to protect the 7th Dalai Lama from the turmoil in Lhasa; so the 7th Dalai Lama was transferred here and stayed in this monastery for 7 years. Later, the birth of the 11th Dalai Lama in a village quite nearby the monastery gained the Huiyuan Monastery's much more considerable fame. Afterwards, drive 40km to Tagong Grassland in Tagong Village; we can visit the grassland and Tagong Monastery after lunch here. A short time horse-riding (self-paid) is possible at Tagong Grassland, it won't cost much time and very safe and interesting. Then, we will pass by Xinduqiao Town to reach today's final destination-Kangding City, the capital city of Garze Tibetan Autonomous prefecture in Sichuan. Xinduqiao is famed by photographers as the Heaven of Photography, because the autumn color of miles of huge and tall trees on both sides of road in Xinduqiao Town is very fascinating.

Huiyuan Monastery Tagong Grassland

Huiyuan Monastery

 Tagong Grassland

Day5: Kangding City-Chengdu (335km)

Schedule today: Leave hotel in Kangding City around 8:30 AM, normally it only takes around 6 hours to reach Chengdu; the tour ends at your hotel in Chengdu or airport or train station in Chengdu. But we do not advise you to book your flight or train ticket leaving Chengdu this afternoon or evening, because this section of road often sees traffic control lasts hours long due to road repair, particularly in the rainy season of July and August. So, booking your tickets to leave Chengdu next day in the afternoon is strongly advised, especially in summer of rainy season.

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